Reliable results and lasting performance can only be achieved through dependable, proven and well manufactured instruments, as well as correct and precise installations, performed by qualified, trained and experienced personnel.

Geotechnical Instrumentation (GI), or "KOP-KOP", as we are known amongst the local construction companies and Consulting Engineers, is a Specialist Geotechnical Instrumentation Company with unparalleled 34 years experience in the instrumentation of the following:
  • Boreholes
  • Bridges
  • Civil Structures
  • Dams (Concrete-Gravity, Concrete-Arch, Concrete-Double-Arch, RCC dams, Clay-Core-Earth-Fill, Composite Earth-Concrete, Rock-fill/Face-Slab dams etc.)
  • Earth-fills
  • Embankments
  • Excavations
  • Mine shafts
  • Tunnels
  • Open cast mines
Our company objective is simplistic, to provide a full turnkey service to our clients which includes the supply, installation, commissioning, hand-over and maintenance of contracts and projects.

Additional to our main line business, we provide the following services:
  • Advice on Geotechnical Equipment
  • The supply of appropriate equipment
  • Field services for the installation and operation of instrumentation projects
  • Repair/Servicing
  • Consultation

Fundamental to our business strategy is the building of long-term partnerships with our Southern African customers. This requires the adoption of a customer-focused, quality-driven service. The combination of the cutting edge technology of ITMSOIL Instruments ( and the vast experience of the GI members culminates in a formidable company committed to providing quality products and long term professional service.

Geotechnical Instruments specifically Vibrating Wire Technology, are primarily used for monitoring safety and stability aspects of Civil Engineering structures such as Dams, mine openings, foundations, piles, embankments, retaining walls, slopes, subway systems, underground powerhouses, bridges, culverts, pipelines, shafts, slurry wall excavations, braced excavations, tiebacks as well as ground water remediation schemes to name but a few.

Geotechnical Instrumentation is the Official Distributor for

In Southern Africa

ITMSOIL manufactures a complete line of geotechnical instruments and datasheets are freely available ITMSOIL has emerged as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of a broad range of high quality, British Manufactured Geotechnical Instruments. In particular, ITMSOIL, through innovation and experience, has developed a line of vibrating wire sensors unsurpassed anywhere in the world. These highly reliable devices have contributed in no small way to the growing worldwide acceptance of vibrating wire technology as being the best for long term geotechnical applications.

For over 48 years ITMSOIL has been a world leader in the manufacture of geotechnical and structural monitoring instrumentation. Their equipment has been used to monitor construction projects such as dams, tunnels, deep excavations, roads and railways as well as landslides in nearly every country around the world.

ITMSOIL strive to continuously develop ground-breaking, innovative products that are able to meet the challenge of the demanding environments in which we work. Some examples include:
  • Vibrating wire and solid state Piezometers, Pressure and Load cells
  • Tilt sensors
  • Wireless sensor systems
  • Automatic data acquisition systems
  • Data presentation software
  • GPRS enabled data-loggers and gateways - The products section of the ITMSOIL web site provides a brief description of standard product lines. Individual brochures with additional information and complete product details are also available. If these products do not meet your needs, members of our experienced staff are ready to work with you to produce custom instruments.