Flag Boshielo/Arabie Dam

Type: Earth Fill Dam (EFD) with Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Spillway
Construction Date: 1985 - 1987
Location: Limpopo, South Africa
S 24.780559° E 29.425752°
Flag Boshielo (Arabie dam), situated near Marble Hall, Limpopo, South Africa, is a 36m high Earth Fill Dam (EFD) with Roller Compacted Concrete(RCC) section and spillway with a 1563m crest Length. Structure includes a free crest spillway with a crest length of 176m over RCC.

Flag Boshielo dam has a capacity of 185 million m³.

Flag Boshielo / Arabie Dam Instrumentation consists of the following:
  • Vibrating Wire Thermometers measuring temperature.
  • Vibrating Wire Foundation Piezometers for measuring pore pressure.
  • Vibrating Wire Transducer measuring seepage.
  • Standpipe Piezometers measuring seepage.
  • Pendulums measuring tilt.

Instruments installed in and around the Dam Embankment are intended to monitor:
  • Tilt of the Dam;
  • Total downstream seepage;
  • Pore pressure build-up in embankment/foundation;
  • Lake level water height.

Installed Instruments Specification:
Seepage (Dam)
Geokon Vibrating Wire Pressure Transducers Model 4500H
Piezometers (Foundation, crump weir, lake level)
Geokon Vibrating Wire Model 4500S
Temperature Gauge (Main Embankment)
Geokon Vibrating Wire Temperature Sensor Model 4700
Standpipes (Down Stream to Measure water table)
• Geotechnical Instrumentation Casagrande Standpipes
Pendulums (RCC/Tilt/Roll-Back)
Geokon Vibrating Wire Pendulum Model 6850A
Data Acquisition System CR800/1000 (Valve House)
Geokon Micro-1000 Data logger Model 8021
Geokon Multiplexer (MUX) Model 8032

Designers: Department of Water Affairs

Consulting Engineers: Department of Water Affairs

Contractors: Department of Water Affairs

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