Hex River Tunnel

Type: Tunnel
Construction Date: November 1989
Location: Hex River Mountains, Western Cape Province, South Africa
S 33.415182° E 19.765646°
Hex River Tunnel (situated near Paarl) is a tunnel that runs through the Hex River Mountains of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. The tunnel consists of four tunnels. The tunnel is part of the main route between Cape Town and Johannesburg. The tunnel is 30km long and of this 30 km, 16.8 km is under ground. The tunnel was started in 1948 and was fully operational in 1989. This is the longest 4 tunnel system in South Africa. Five ventilation holes of 1.8m diameter and combined length of 1000m long was sunk.

Hex River Tunnel Instrumentation consists of the following:

Designers: N/A

Consulting Engineers: SRK Consulting Engineers

Contractors: N/A

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