Kopanong 9 M1 Reservoir

Type: CFC Dome Roof Reservoir
Construction Date: 2003 - 2004
Location: Soshanguve, South Africa
Kopanong Water Reservoir, a 15m high, 18m radius round structure with a 100mm thick concrete dome roof, is situated in Soshanguve north of Pretoria, South Africa.

The purpose of the weir is for water to the local community.

Since day of completion the weir has been inactive.

Kopanong Reservoir Instrumentation consists of the following:
  • Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges measuring concrete and reinforcing strain.
  • Vibrating Wire Thermometersmeasuring CFC temperature and water temperature.
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometer measuring water pressure.

Installed Instruments Specification:
Strain Gauges (In reservoir CFC)
Geokon Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges Model 4200
Thermometer (In CFC of Reservoir)
Geokon Vibrating Wire Temperature Sensor Model 4700
Piezometer (Inside Reservoir)
Geokon Vibrating Wire Model 4500AL (V)
Data Acquisition System
• Muller Data Logger

Designers: H G Kruger

Consulting Engineers: BKS

Contractors: Bishop Construction CC