Letsibogo Dam

Type: Rock-fill Clay Core Dam
Construction Date: 1996 - 1997
Location: Francistown, Botswana
S 21.845885° E 27.734231°
Letsibogo Dam, situatednear Francistown, Botswana is a 28m high Rock-Fill Clay-Core (RFCC) dam with a 1200m crest length and a natural spillway of 290m. Letsibogo Dam forms part of the North-South Carrier Water Project (NSCWP), linked to Gaborone with a 400km pipeline.

The dam capacity is 1 million m³ and covers a surface area of 18km².

Letsibogo Dam Instrumentation consists of the following:
  • Vibrating Wire Embankment Piezometers in the Clay Core measuring pore pressure.
  • Vibrating Wire Foundation Piezometers measuring foundation pore pressure.
  • Standpipe Piezometers for measuring water table.

Instruments installed in and around the Dam Embankment are intended to monitor:
  • Pore pressure build-up in the embankment and foundation;
  • Water Table.

Installed Instruments Specification:
Piezometers (Clay Core/Foundation)
Geokon Vibrating Wire Model 4500S
Stand Pipe Piezometer (Left and Right flank)
• Geotechnical Instrumentation Casagrande Standpipes

Designers: N/A

Consulting Engineers: Steward Scott Incorporated (SSI)

Contractors: Odebrecht Construction

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